Fixtures List Updated

The fixtures list has now been updated and now is the time to get your name down to organise or plan one of the many events in the calendar.

If  you haven't experience of organising an event it isn't as daunting as you may think and the club has excellent resources and willing, experienced Organisers to guide you through the process.

Please respond to terry[dot]sankey[at]ntlworld[dot]com, Fixtures Secretary


KYC: Nick Bosbury

KYC continues to work its way through the SOC committee and this week features founding member and former Chairman Nick Bosbury.

Name: Nick Bosbury

Age Class: M65

What other orienteering clubs do you belong to or have you previously belonged to?
Merry Oak Meanderers school club which became part of SOC, and SOKI.

When did you start orienteering and how?
I went to my first event in 1967 when at school, but it was cancelled due to foot and mouth so my first event was not until early 1968.

How often do you go orienteering?
Not very often these days, but seem to do more planning, organising etc...

What do you enjoy about orienteering?
The challenge of well planned courses in different venues.

What is your favourite SOC area and why?
That's easy! Acres Down/Highland Water. Such a contrast in terrain and was an area I cut my teeth on competing, planning and

What is your favourite orienteering discipline/distance and why
Classic cross country events. These type of events are the reason I took up orienteering as I never liked pounding the streets.

Car parking or controlling? What's your favourite orienteering volunteering?
Being part of a forest team, or the planner.

What is the high point of your orienteering career so far?
5th place in a field of 123 at the British Championships as a Junior. Podium place at a JK relay after running the second leg bringing the
team from 7th to 1st  

What other countries have you orienteered in?
Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland.

What training do you do?
Apart from a long walk with my daughter's dog a couple of times a week, nothing.

What one piece of advice would you give other orienteers?
Have confidence in your decisions and ignore others around you!

What keeps you busy when you're not orienteering?
Grandchildren, part time work.

What book are you currently reading?
The Prince by Nicola Machiavelli.

Anything else you'd like to share with your clubmates?
The strength of the Club lies with its members input.

Coaching Activity Saturday 14th March, Rufus Stone

Rufus Stone Sat 14th Mar 2020 10:30-12:00

Parking at Rufus Stone. Nat Grid: SU270125. Nearest Postcode: SO43 7HN. Lat/Long: 50.911474,-1.617046.

There will be something suitable for all standards including juniors/beginners of yellow standard and up.

SOC Coaching is free to SOC members. Cost £1 for non-SOC members.

If you plan to attend please contact Kevin Bracher (

Why not come along to hone and practice your O Skills?! 

For the experienced among you do come and try some loops on a blue/brown only map.
This concentrates the mind on recognising the shape of the land and the water features, besides improving compass and pacing skills. Why do this? Firstly the shape of the land and the more prominent water features stay the same. Secondly being only blue and brown it stops total reliance on using the vegetation and path/track network, which do change over time, thus adding another useful skill to your "toolbox of techniques" Colin H.

Anyone who can offer help supporting these activities putting out kites and or shadowing participants, please let Kevin know at the email address above.



Kevin Bracher


Colin Hicks, Helen Wheelwright, Kevin Bracher