Results for QECP Level C and SCOL 6, 11 Feb 2017

String Course Results

Many thanks to the Currie Family for putting on another super string course.


  • Claudia 8:00
  • Duncan 7:00
  • Finn 5:07
  • Finn H. 8:03
  • Izzy 11:00
  • Olly 11:45
  • Owen 5:55
  • Tobi 8:55

Planners' Comments

We hope you all enjoyed your experiences of the steep sided ridge network that is QECP.

One of the main challenges for the planner on this area is to try and present interesting courses without imposing too many steep climbs for the competitor. The other challenge is finding enough safe routes between the ever growing number of Mountain Bike Trails. In particularly it is difficult to provide short Junior courses that keep contact with the bike trails to a minimum.

Those on the Brown course also had the added problem caused by the new felling in the South West of the area. Believe it or not when control 128 was taped last Saturday the wooded slope was intact, quite a shock to find the devastation that the contractors had managed in the past week! We weren't made aware of the felling work until yesterday.

Colin and I wanted as many courses as possible to visit the Middle ridge where there was good running to be had and plenty of control sites to provide some good orienteering. We thought it worth taking courses over there despite the nasty climb back towards the finish.

Colin and I would like to thank Mike Bray (Controller) for his patient and thoughtful controlling of the event and all his help in making the courses as good as we could.

Many thanks to Bill and Barbara Davidson and Jamie Hicks for helping put out controls and to the same team plus Terry Sankey and Mike Bray for helping to gather controls in. A long day out in the cold for all concerned, both Colin and I thank you!

Thanks also to the small but dedicated team who helped run the event and to Pete Davis (Organiser) for making it happen.

Finally a big thank you all for coming out on a bitter cold day and supporting our event.

Kevin Bracher / Colin Hicks.  Planners

Organiser's Comments

It was good to be back at QE after a break of two years. It's always tricky to attract orienteers to the area as its a bit of a journey for most of our regulars. But I think you'll agree that Kevin And Colin's courses made the trip worthwhile. 

We couldn't put on these events without a merry band of helpers. Thank you to all those who helped but particularly to Alastair Moir who, as computing lead, put in many hours leading up to the event. Thanks also to Julia Loring for giving up her run to help us through the whole event with registration and download.

Pete Davis, Organiser

Lost Property

One peaked cap. If its yours please contact the organiser peterjdavis [at]


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