Orienteering alternatives

With orienteering once again on hold, there are still other opportunities to get out there and enjoy the essence of the sport, whether you're a seasoned orienteer looking to hone their skills, a runner seeking an alternative to that cancelled race, or a family looking for something to keep the children entertained.

Permanent Courses 

Permanent Course controlThe club has five permanent courses spread throughout our area. Each has a selection of pre-planned courses making use of the permanent marker posts that you can tackle at a time of your choosing. For most, maps can now be downloaded for you to print at home. See the individual page for each area for more details.


MapRun screenshotMapRun is a free mobile phone app which, having selected a course, will notify you when you're in the correct location for each control (unlike a permanent course, there is no marker on the ground). The club has a back catalogue of MapRun courses available which you can participate in at any time. Most use urban areas with a simplified map which you can either view on your phone or download to print out. Once completed, you can compare your time and route with other participants.

Whether you choose a permanent course or MapRun, please be courteous to other users of the area and make sure you follow the government guidelines, particularly with regard to social distancing.

British Orienteering New Forestry England Agreement

If you have not seen this already it makes for very interesting reading!

The New BOF/ FE agreement became active on the 7th of September 2020 .

After waiting years for a new agreement to be reached it is strange that this very noteworthy news has not been widely publicised.

A copy of the agreement can be found in a link on the nopesport.com website.

Read the document and also the train of conversation.

Kevin Bracher

Survey request

A request from orienteer William Smith to complete a survey relating to problems with vision when orienteering:

I am currently studying at Loughborough University and am undertaking my Part C personal project whereby I am aiming to design a device that reduces/ eliminated misting that occurs on orienteers glasses when they compete. I was wondering if you were able to distribute my survey about misting problems in orienteering to members of your club so that I can gain a better insight into the problem? Here is a link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BQqsZXNdFYQCdG4rlmwgyozSXP7RAVm_SSqtOv…