An Invitation for our Juniors to an Online Talk by an Elite Runner on 6 Feb 2021

East Midlands Junior Orienteering Squad have sent SOC Juniors an invitation to an online talk by the current elite runner, Peter Hodgkinson. He will be doing a short 30 min Q&A session, remembering some of the highlights and fun things that happened to him from his junior running in NOC, through to his international experiences in the GB team. It sounds like a really great thing to listen in to!

I will be forwarding the invitation to all SOC juniors in the near future but if you don't receive the mail and are keen to go please mail me at Juniors [at]

If this talk enthuses you to want some more online training, please let me know and I will organise some sessions just for SOC Juniors.

Best Wishes, Helen.



Zoom Reminder: Running Wild with SOC and Helen

A reminder that there is our regular Zoom social this Thursday 4th Feb at 20:00. One of our Club Coaches, Helen, will be showing us a useful training tool called Running Wild. It is a great tool for practicing our route choice selection and decision making under pressure. We will then have the opportunity to discuss the route choices in small groups. 

We have received some positive feedback from Natalie about the socials:

"The SOC zoom meetings have been a welcome addition to my locked down evenings in! Each meeting has a structured activity or discussion, from favourite Christmas present to a debate on the physical side verses the intellectual side of orienteering. I particularly enjoyed the evening on maps, in which Tamsin showed us how different orienteering terrain can be in far flung places, and Rob tested us on what you are allowed to run through or over on your way to the next control. We had discussions over the best routes to take and why. There’s always time for informal chat too, and I’ve found the meetings a valuable opportunity to get to know people – something there isn’t always time for at orienteering events."

Zoom details (the ID has changed from previous socials):

Zoom meeting ID: 984 5777 3825

Password: In the members area

The Zoom socials are now going on the SOC website as events. There is also now a dedicated page here:


Zoom Social Thursday 4th February at 20.00: Running Wild with SOC

After a short intro to the way that Running Wild works, have a go at planning the best route for you to the next control. Can you get there before the pacman catches you? Followed by relaxed discussion in break out rooms-why not bring your drinks and nibbles?