Forest Coaching


Acres Down, Minstead, New Forest, SO43 7GE


Brush up your orienteering technique on New Forest terrain.

Acres Down Car Park Grid Ref SU267096


Kevin Bracher


Kevin Bracher

There will be something for those moving up from yellow courses and something for experienced orienteers: attack points, aiming off, catching features, and flow through controls. A chance to practice the things you need to improve on!

Well  the turnout was not quantity but definate quality with most of the club's younger members (and Norman) taking part. Which contrasted beautifully with the coaches who could apply for bus passes - Jane excepted! Kevin planned some great exercises which could be reused in the future. Today's participants could run other loops or the same loops the opposite way round. Well done Kevin for getting us all out there - it's what the club needs.