Compass Sport Cup

Christine Currie's picture

It was a small team heading to the first round of this year's Compass Sport Cup. SOC were unlucky, with the two closest rounds both over 90 minutes drive away, only the very keenest runners made it out.

Top ten SOC counters were:
Christine 99 (Blue women)
Julian H 95 (Green men)
Ian M 89 (Green men)
Andy N 88 (Short Brown)
Terry S 87 (Short Green)
David C 87 (Brown)
Emma C 86 (Orange women)
Kevin B 84 (Green men)
Pete D 83 (Green men)
Mary N 82 (Short Green)

It was a steep, muddy area but still lots of fun and clearly the right terrain to suit our green men. Sadly we won't be contesting the final this year but a good day in the woods nonetheless.

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