Last call: Practical Planning Day - Sat 10th March Wilverley Inclosure, nr Burley, New Forest

This day is intended as an informal, interactive and practical session for those relatively new to planning and those just interested in finding out more about what the Planner does and how it can benefit their orienteering.
The session will run from 1000h to 1600h on Sat 10th March at Wilverley Scout Camp with an hour's break for lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.
The aim is to provide an overview of the technical and practical aspects of course planning, including:

  • the interaction of the Planner with other roles needed to run an event
  • the use of Course Planning software, including hints and tips
  • an evaluation of locations for start, finish and control sites
  • practice taping sites and placing controls
  • what the Planner does on the day of the event
  • specific items of interest to you

Please contact terrysmith<$$$> (substitute @ for <$$$>) if you have any questions or would like to join in the fun and have not already registered your interest. This will help us ensure we have adequate resources for you and allow you access to the campsite.