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SOC hosted the penultimate round of the Wessex Night League at Marchwood yesterday (Saturday 3rd of March). The thaw enabled the event to go ahead albeit on some fairly soggy terrain. We had 29 participants which under the circumstances was a good turn out for this event. All 4 of the events SOC put on for this winter's WSX Night League were very well supported and reflects the popularity of this series. SOC will be looking for volunteers to Plan & Organise our events for the league next winter.

Our next Activity is the Practical Planning Day at Wilverly next Saturday (10th March). If you want to learn practical skills for planning an event please contact Terry Smith

* terrysmith<$$$> (substitute @ for <$$$>).

Sunday 11th March we have a SOC team entered into the Compass Sport Cup at the DFOK event at Balcombe near Crawley. Those members travelling to this event should look out for the list of members representing SOC. It might be good to share transport where possible.

Saturday 24th of March SOC is holding the Sunset & Beyond Relay event at Fleming Park. This is part of the Club's 50th Anniversary celebrations. This is a new Day/night Relay format for teams of 6, (to include 2 females), based on the Harvesters Relay but in a Park & Urban environment. For more details follow the prompt on the SOC website to the Sunset & Beyond website.  We are currently putting together teams to represent SOC at this event.

If you are interested in running in a team for SOC contact our Club Captain Christine Currie or Kevin Bracher A.S.A.P.