Sunset Relay: SOC teams

Christine Currie's picture

Following the Compass Sport Cup this coming Sunday, the next team event in the calendarĀ is the SOC 'Sunset and Beyond' Relays at Eastleigh on Saturday 24th March. For this we need teams of 6 (2 of whom must be female). The event starts at 5pm and will finish by 10pm (as they lock up then!). It will be a mixture of day, dusk and night legs across an area of parkland and odd bits of urban. It is an ideal event for everyone to have a go - the orienteering will be fairly easy so also ideal for beginners and juniors.

If you would like to be part of a SOC team, please drop me an e-mail (christine [at] curries [dot] org [dot] uk). Please let me know by 17 March if you're keen to run.