Wessex Night League recent results

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The WNL is coming to a conclusion in the next few days, SOC event at Marchwood this Saturday 3rd March 2018 (see Events and Activities), and the final event and prizegiving on Monday 5th March 2018 at Kings and Queens Park in Bournemouth details on the WSX website http://www.wessex-oc.org/wessex-region-night-league/  

From Gavin Clegg:

Latest league tables attached following the British Night Championships at Merthyr Mawr. 14 from the League took part but I'm afraid no one excelled, even with the practice they have had this season! Three didn't complete, one being our most experienced - but we won't dwell on that eh Chris! I have included the workings for the Brit Champs for those interested.

The full British Night results can be found here: http://www.swoc.org.uk/index.php?id=47

This from Peter Suba: Not many of the usual Night League participants made it to Merthyr Mawr for the British Night Orienteering Championships. A complex, mainly sand dunes based area provided a big challenge several difficulty grades above what is a typical Wessex Night League event, most of which is set in an urban environment. Hopefully, we'll start to see some more non-urban night events in the mix in the next few seasons to help everyone improving. As far as I can see, unfortunately, no one had a really good run from the usual Wessex Night League pundits. Myself for example, after a big initial mistake was doing OK for most of the race in the sand dunes, managing to limit my mistakes to smaller ones by keeping my speed down, until we hit the woods for the last section, which immediately and totally threw me mentally and ended up making about 20 minutes of mistakes in the last 4 controls. An area and courses worthy for a British Championship, properly separating the wheat from the chaff!

As for the Leagues; In the Open nothing is any clearer! Peter has helped his cause and if he wins at Marchwood he will be unassailable. A win for Dan and it's a one race shootout. Tereza now heads the women by 12 points but it is too close to call between Tereza, Becca and Jo. In the Handicap I did expect Chris's Brit Night score to take him into the mix but even with six Brit scorers in the first 25 there is absolutely no change on the front page. It is between Charlotte and Carolyn for the women's title, but Jane and Mary could still surprise us. Julie is out of the mix as she wont be running at Kings/Queens. With the Men I still have Chris down as favourite, but Robin, Mike and even John Cook could all still win.

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"Wheat from the chaff"!!! Not a very sporting comment there Peter.