Anderwood BBQ Results

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Apologies for the lateness of posting the results. Our new website should enable faster results to be obtainable, as event organisers can upload the results once finalised without having to poke Steve to do the job. My excuse is that its taken a couple of weeks to catch up with Peter Smith since arriving back from the French 3-days (which was superb, more in another post).

Many thanks to Peter for taking on responsibility to finish running the event, awarding prizes and collecting controls. Thanks also to Simon Whipple and Roderick Johnstone for helping with the control collecting - it makes it a much faster job to share the load.

Congratulations to Tamsin Moran who won the event with a maximum score of 200, there were then 5 competitors on 180 points with the faster times giving Colin Hicks 2nd place and an excellent 3rd place to Jamie Morgan. Kevin Bracher and Dave Currie were the two that missed out, with 17 secs costing Dave a time penalty and 2nd place. It does seem as if a number of SOC members could do with a new watch as over 50% were late back! ;-) Roger and Tim Morgan particularly enjoying an extended stay in the forest!

I tried to plan the event to cater for all levels of Orienteers with some easier controls nearer the start/finish. I tried to ensure the legs were thought provoking with some safe/risky route choices. I also wanted people to make decisions early on in their run as to which controls they would ignore, to facilitate a better overall route to maximise their score. If you had a handicap of 3 (or more), losing controls 2, 5 and 11 would drastically shorten your route

Results below in XLS and TXT format.