Results for Kings Garn and Castle Malwood




Planners Comments

Thanks everyone for coming - good to see so many of you. Kings Garn and Castle Malwood offered an interesting and varied area to plan on, howbeit not easy because of the need to work round the out-of-bounds strips, plus trying to keep you clear of windblow, steep banks and excessive squidginess. Thanks for all the feedback and I'm glad most of you enjoyed your runs. Apologies, however, to any Light Green or Blue runners who were confused by the unmapped knoll in the clearing 100m to the south of Control 235. In practice, the knoll was smaller than would usually be mapped; however, I can see that placing one of the Orange controls very close by led to the assumption that it was a mapped control feature.

Andy Nash


Christmas Party

Sadly we have had to cancel the Christmas Party on Thursday.

We plan to have some refreshments at the event on Saturday instead.


A date for your new diary! SOC Club Championship 2022

The Club Championship will be held on Sunday 23 January 2022 at the Wimborne Orienteers event at Ocknell.

WIM are still waiting for Forestry England permission to use the area but it is hoped that this will be received shortly. Unfortunately, I cannot provide details of their event flyer yet but please put this date in your diary.

Event entries will be online at so keep an eye out but I will let you all know when I know entries are open.

If you wish to take part in the Club Championship you will need to enter the course for your age class that we have agreed for our competition. You are however able to enter any course if you do not wish to take part. But with the chance of a trophy and plenty of spot prizes why wouldn’t you!

I will post more details in the next couple of days on the Members Area (Documents/Competition) and this will include the proposals for the courses and age classes. I will only need to change this if as a result of FE permission WIM have to change their proposed course offer.

(enquiries [at]