SOC Saturdays

SOC Saturdays are a series of SOC O events starting in September. (See leaflet below for details.) They are targeted at:

  • SOC members who want to have a low-key run round a colour course and maybe catch up with other SOC members afterwards. They will be held in places where there are cafes, so there is plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy a drink and a snack afterwards.
  • Beginners of all ages but especially young people who want to come and try out orienteering in a country park before attempting a forest event. We need to keep recruiting new members to help the club thrive.

How SOC members can help:

  • Volunteer to plan or organise one of these events, (see Fixtures for details.) You will receive mentoring if required.
  • Bring a friend or family member along to have a try at orienteering, they might just get hooked and become a member of our club.
  • If you have good ideas of how to help recruit new members, especially if you have contacts in schools, please let us know by emailing juniors [at]

There will be a smiley coaching team at each event waiting to welcome new people and give them help to learn the basics. SOC Saturdays are for everyone, SOC members and people trying out orienteering, so please come along, maybe help out and enjoy!


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