MapRun League 8 Stoke Park Woods


Mark Light


Odds & Evens Score (45 min)


Stoke Park Woods & Fair Oak


The 8th and final event in the current SOC MapRun League is a slightly different format around Stoke Park Woods and Fair Oak. The event will be available in the MapRun app from Saturday 22/05/2021. For your run to count in the League, you must submit your results by the end of Monday 31/05/2021. After that, you can still have a go at the course but it won't count for the League.

You can do the course more than once but only your first go counts towards the League. There will be a SOC social for this MapRun, details will be posted on the website.

UK > Southampton > League > 08 - Stoke Park Woods Score

Location: The Start and Finish are at the Woodland Community Centre, 38-51 Savernake Way, Fair Oak, Eastleigh SO50 8DH. What3Words: slave.dishes.factor. The community centre is closed, however, there are many public parking bays along Savernake Way and adjacent roads.

Format: 45-minute Odds & Evens Score. Points are 10, 20, or 30 per control: 10 points for 10 - 19, 20 points for 20 - 29, and 30 points for controls 30 - 39.

For Odds & Evens, start on either the odd or the even numbers, then change over to the other set whenever you choose - BUT once you have changed over, you cannot go back to the first set of numbers. Note that you will need to collect two controls from the opposite set for MapRun to register a switch over - so for example, if you started on even numbers, you will have to collect at least two odd-numbered controls to switch over. This ensures that accidental collection of a single control (which will not count towards your score) doesn't upset your plan!

There is a penalty of 30 points per minute late back or part thereof.

MapRun App: Use MapRunF or, preferably, the new MapRun6 app. Do not use the original MapRun app as it does not understand the score format. When navigating to the event, select "UK", then "Southampton" (not "Hampshire"), and then "League" or, if you have MapRun6, open this link on your phone. See the MapRun website for guidance on configuring your phone to get the best results.

Map: One map format is available below, an ISSprOM 2019 standard map at 1:5000 scale. The last time the area was surveyed was in 2015, but minor updates have been carried out for this event.

Terrain: Roughly 1/3rd forest and 2/3rds urban. Larger forest tracks are gravelled. There are areas of marsh and stream crossings in the forest, as well as a steep bank which can be difficult to cross when wet - routes can be found to avoid all of these.

Safety: Please take care when crossing any road - particularly on the busy roads to the South and East of the area which are marked on the map in a darker colour. Under 16s should be accompanied by an adult.