Summer League 1 Hythe


Robbie Berryman


Score (45min)



The first event in the SOC MapRun Summer League takes us to a new location: Hythe. More info on the League and the events is available here. The event will be available in the MapRun app from Saturday 10/07/2021. For your run to count in the League, you must submit your results by the end of Sunday 25/07/2021. After that, you can still have a go at the course but it won't count for the League. 

You can do the course more than once but your first go counts. There will be a SOC social for this MapRun on the 15th July. Meet at Hythe Marina at 18:30 or at the Lord Nelson pub after.

UK > Southampton > 2021 Summer League > Hythe

Location: The Start and Finish are in the same place by the car park of the Hythe Marina Village on Shamrock Way, Hythe.

Parking: There is lots of parking available near the start inside Hythe Marina, but it's pay and display on a private car park; charges apply until midnight and the pay and display machines only take coins. There is free roadside parking nearby along West Street (both before and after junction with Shamrock Way). Jones Lanes Car Park (near control 29) is not far away and is free after 6pm.

Format: 45-minute score. Points are 10, 20, or 30 per control: 10 points for 1 - 10, 20 points for 11 - 20, and 30 points for controls 21 - 30. There is a penalty of 10 points per minute late back or part thereof. 

MapRun App: Use MapRunF or, preferably, the new MapRun6 app. Do not use the original MapRun app as it does not understand the score format. When navigating to the event, select "UK", then "Southampton" (not "Hampshire"), and then "2021 Summer League" or, if you have MapRun6, open this link on your phone. See the MapRun website for guidance on configuring your phone to get the best results.

Map: The maps is available in both stick and pseud-O formats below. Both are at a 1:7500 scale. 

Terrain: Mainly round the streets and marina with the option of a few short off-road sections. Fences and hedges are not to be climbed or pushed through whether marked on the map or not. There is one path marked as do not cross as it is an alleyway used by a cafe for tables and is also locked in the evenings.

Safety: Please take care when crossing roads. In particular, the marked crossing points on Southampton Road must be used. Under 16s should be accompanied by an adult.