Summer League 2 Chandlers Ford Boyatt Wood


Ben Adams


Score (45min)


Chandler's Ford Boyatt Wood

UK > Southampton > 2021 Summer League > CFord Boyatt 

The second event in the SOC MapRun Summer League takes to one of our most central areas. More info on the League and the events is available here. The event will be available in the MapRun app from Saturday 24/07/2021. For your run to count in the League, you must submit your results by the end of Sunday 08/08/2021. After that, you can still have a go at the course but it won't count for the League. 

You can do the course more than once but your first go counts. There will be a SOC social for this MapRun on the 29th July. Meet near the start at 18:30 then discussion at the King Rufus after. See the social event page for more info.

LocationStart/finish is by Chandlers Ford Parish Council Offices on Fryern Recreation.  There is plenty of parking at Fryern Rec (SO53 2LE), but the access road is fairly narrow so take care as you get close.  Turn off Oakmount Road into Fryern Close, then follow the road to the end, before turning right into Greenways.  The car park is on your left.  Alternative parking is available at Waitrose which is a short walk away and accessible off Oakmount Road.  Both car parks are free, but limited to 3 hours parking.

Fryern Recreation Parking Postcode: SO53 2LE. What3Words: tender.spike.packet

Waitrose Parking: SO53 2LG. What3Words: steep.still.lifted

Format45-minute score. Points are 10, 20, or 30 per control: 10 points for 1 - 10, 20 points for 11 - 20 and 30 points for controls 21 - 30. There is a penalty of 10 points per minute late back or part thereof. 

MapRun AppUse the MapRun6 app. Do not use the original MapRun app as it does not understand the score format. When navigating to the event, select "UK", then "Southampton" (not "Hampshire"), and then "2021 Summer League" or, if you have MapRun6, open this link. See the MapRun website for guidance on configuring your phone to get the best results.

MapTwo map formats are available, the Stick map and the Pseud-O map. Note that the finish is not marked on the map but is in the same location as the start.

TerrainUrban with a few small areas of woodland/shrubs. The course is split between Chandler's Ford and Boyatt Wood, bisected by the M3.  Roads, paved and gravel footpaths make up the vast majority of the course.

SafetyThe course is sandwiched between Winchester Road to the north east, and Woodside Avenue to the south west.  There is no need to cross these two busy roads.  However, there are still lots of other road crossings. Under 16's should be accompanied by an adult. It goes without saying that the M3 must only be crossed at the two crossing points.  There is a pedestrian overbridge to the south of the course and an underpass further north.  The overbridge is easy to spot on the map.  The underpass is slightly more difficult to spot, but is about 0.5 miles north of the overbridge.

All fences are not to be climbed (whether marked on the map or not).