British Champs 2022

Mark LightThirty SOC members competed in the British Championships on Saturday in some tough terrain on the outskirts of Liphook. Podium places went to Terry Sankey (1st on M75S), Emma Currie (1st on W16B), Anya Crocker (1st on W35S), Christine Currie (2nd running up on W40L), and Jane Morgan (3rd on W60L). Clare Leveridge also deserves a special mention for her epic run on W21E which earned her 8th place.

It is also only right to also call out Terry Smith who was controller for the event, one of the many unsung roles without which events like this would never take place. He was ably assisted by Di.

Many thanks to Lisa James for managing the teams for today's relay. ChristineJane, and Clare were 5th on Women's Short with Clare 3rd on the last leg. MarkPaul, and David were 6th on M40. KevinColin, and Julian were 14th on M60 with Julian 2nd on the last leg. DuncanEmma, and Lisa were 18th in the Mixed Ad-hoc.