SOC Saturdays

Two children reading a mapSOC Saturdays was a series of events designed to offer something for everyone from the complete beginner to the experienced orienteer. For those new to the sport, there was lots of help on hand to get started. The series included juniors and newcomers leagues. The final results for the league can be found below.

Didn't they do well?

The SOCSAT 21/22  season has come to an end; over 180 people took part and didn’t they do well!

We were very happy to welcome all sorts of participants from experienced orienteers to complete beginners. It was great to see so many newcomers taking part and they often gave our SOC members a run for their money.

I would like to say well done to all participants who took part, sometimes in the most atrocious of conditions, and still came back for more. And also a heartfelt thank you to our SOC volunteers who came along to help the events run smoothly.

We are now planning a season of MapRuns starting in April. In the meantime we are putting on a maprun on March 5th in Southampton. Come along to hone your route planning skills  or, if you are new to maprun, try it out, before the league begins in earnest. More details to follow.

Here are the SOCSAT 21/22 winners in the different categories:


  • Green Course: Duncan Currie
  • Light Green: Thomas Holme
  • Orange: Erin Adams
  • Yellow: Daniel Gunton
  • White: Miles Roberts

Senior Novice

  • Green: Paul Miller
  • Light Green: Paul Smith
  • Orange: Laura Rolland
  • Yellow: Jane and Matthew Holme
  • White: Joint winners, Virginie Remoriquet and Nuno Leite

Senior Experienced

  • Green course: Julian Hartwell
  • Light Green: Allan Farrington
  • Orange: Graeme Williams

All winners will receive a certificate, a box of chocolates, and a RaceSignup credit for their next SOC event. If you have not yet received your prize yet, please talk to us at your next SOC event or mail: helenamandaaa [at] (helenamandaaa[at]gmail[dot]com)


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