Millyford Bridge

Planners comments:

The effort seems to have been worth it with a lot of positive feedback on the joys of orienteering through a lovely part of the New Forest. Hopefully competitors found the routes and the choices to their liking. We have been blessed with some hot weather recently which largely dried out the marshes on the courses allowing for more “enjoyable” runs? The weather was kind to us although it may have been a bit too hot for some competitors but never fear winter is just around the corner!! My thanks go to the Forest team, putting out and collecting in, the controls and smiley and sad faces without whom I would still be out there collecting them in.

Norman Wilson

Organiser’s comments:

Thanks to all of you who attended our event today – I hope you agree it is a really beautiful part of the New Forest. The day was topped off with some great weather. It is not often we get a chance to lay in the sun after our run!

A huge thanks to the team of helpers today who made my first experience of organising an event a pleasant one. For most of you today it meant multi tasking and a very long day in the forest. Today’s team consisted of Kevin Bracher, Nick Bosbury, Bill and Barbara Davidson, Alistair Moir, Vicki Barkaway, Pete Davis, Kieran Devine and Terry Sankey.

And lastly thanks to Norman for a super set of courses.

The next SOC event is on 7 October 2018 – Level D at Salisbury Trench in the New Forest. I hope you are able to attend.

Julia Loring

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