Virtual Trail Orienteering - TORUS League

Trail orienteering is a form of orienteering where the accuracy and speed of your map reading is tested, but there is no physical element. Virtual Trail Orienteering has increased massively the last year and there are now regular online competitions. I have really enjoyed taking part in them, some competition and a good way to improve my map reading. I think you would enjoy them too.  

"The standard format of Virtual TempO starts with a photograph of urban, park or forest terrain with 6 flags (A to F, left to right) in view. After 2-3 seconds, the first task comes on screen, with the photograph, map extract and control circle, control description, and six answer buttons (A to F, and Z where there is no flag at the location shown by the control circle). The task is to decide which, if any, of the 6 flags is sited precisely at the location shown by the control circle on the map. You choose your answer as quickly as possible, bearing in mind there are penalties if you get it wrong!" From the British Trail O website

The top Brit, Ben Kyd, has a YouTube channel where he talks through how he solves the problems and explains the answers. This video will give you a good understanding of what the challenges are like:

The next event starts on Tuesday 2nd March and runs twice a week till the end of the month. There are Advanced and Beginner leagues with your  best 5 scores to count. All events free to take part. Over 50 Brits are taking part now out of 1000 people and it would be great to see a few more SOC names on the results list (I am the only one!) 

More info (there are some about sections) and to sign up go here: