World Orienteering Day at a Retirement Village

Did you realise Wednesday 8th September 2021 was World Orienteering Day? Helen Wheelright and I celebrated this fact by giving an orienteering talk and "O" exercises at the Stanbridge Earls Retirement Village at Awbridge, Romsey. With the help of Mark Light I produced an "O" map of the grounds. Helen did a Powerpoint presentation and outside we did a grid cone exercise to introduce the importance of orientation, distance and direction. Then a star exercise using the map of the grounds, where the participants visited two or three controls at a time until they had completed the 12 or had done sufficient! Two of the participants didn't make it to the photo.

Participants and coaches at Stanbridge Earls

Shown in the photo is the form for the event registration for World Orienteering Day and and the grounds map. 
We are hoping to see these newcomers at the upcoming SOC Saturdays.